Friday, January 1, 2010

My goals for 2010

Photo Credit to Rainbow Brite/Hasbro/etc.

It's been a wonderful start to 2010 so far! Last night we had a wonderful family night, one of those nights that you sit back and say "Wow, this is awesome!". We continued on with it today, but with a determination to get our living space more under control and unpacked. Do you ever feel like the boxes multiply while you sleep? I know I do!

I've been thinking about the goals I have for my life over the past few weeks as we come into a new year. I'm not one to set resolutions, per say, but its nice to feel that sense of renewal that a brand new calendar brings. I'm not trying to reach for the moon, but keeping my goals within reach.

  • Be more present as a wife and mother-I have pretty bad ADD tendencies, and I find myself all too often only listening with half an ear while I do 12 other things. I feel like I'm missing too many wonderful moments.
  • Make a better home for our family. We've never been homeowners, and when renting I think it's really hard to not only take pride in something that doesn't belong to you, but also to make it your own within the limits placed upon you by your landlord. The house we're in now is wonderful, and my goal is to bloom where I'm planted-keep up the cleaning better (sigh..its neverending isn't it?), decorate at least a little bit, that type of thing.
  • Continue on our journey towards better eating. Our goal as a family is to have one "eat out" night a week, and we fail on that VERY often. I love to cook, and try new recipes but when I have a long night with the baby and then a long day with the rest of the kiddos, I give up. So this year, I'm going to try to do more freezer cooking and utilize the tools I have available to me to make more homecooked meals.
  • Well, resurrecting the blog was #1. I'm forever coming up with post ideas while I'm going about my day, I just need to get lots better about actually writing them!
  • Pretty things up around here! I'm a self proclaimed "techtard" so I've got a friend working on a new template and everything for me.
  • Post the tutorials I have in my head. I have some goodies hanging out up there!
  • Go outside of my comfort zone. I've been doing this for a year and a half now (give or take) and I still am simply astounded that people like my stuff enough to buy it. It's time to step it up-find boutiques to take my things to, approach blogs for reviews, etc. If I ever want to have any modicum of success, I have to bite the bullet and just do it!
  • Practice my ad/marketing writing. My skills are not very good, and I really need to brush them up!
  • Keep my Etsy shop stocked-I tend to let it fall by the wayside which is counterproductive.
See, nothing really earth shattering, but easily attainable which I think is the key for anyone to have success with goals. Keep them manageable and eventually you can reach for the stars!

(The photo up top has nothing to do with this post except for the fact when I was browsing Flickr for 2010 images and ran across a bunch of Rainbow Brite images-apparently the dolls are being re-released this spring. I was a HUGE Rainbow Brite fan when I was little, so I'll definitely be scooping some up for Ree!

Your turn-what are your goals for 2010? Are you shooting for the moon this year?

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