Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wrapping up 2009

I don't think I've ever been so happy to see a year come to a close. This has been a rough year at the Lily Pad (as evidenced by my lack of posting since May!), but things are definitely looking up for 2010!

Quick recap:
  • March saw my daughter being diagnosed with a genetic skin condition known as icthyosis-something she unfortunately inherited from me and will suffer with for the rest of her life.
  • April saw my husband being laid off from his job-which led to an 8 month roller coaster ride of resumes, applications, interviews and disappointments.
  • August saw the ceiling of our house cave in due to a bad landlord-which led to almost 5 months of the 7 of us living with my parents (they are saints I'm convinced).
Doesn't lay out to much, but our lives were in a constant state of change. Things are going better though! Bobby found a job, that he really enjoys, doing what he loves. They don't offer health insurance, so that's a hurdle we need to jump, but we'll get there!

I'm VERY thankful that through the year, we have been blessed to have very healthy children, no major car repairs, nothing that was catastrophic. The year was a challenge, but easily overcome with a bit of determination!

The weekend before Christmas we moved back into a place of our own. Can you say WOW crazy?! Things are still a mess, but its wonderful!

As for Froggy Girl Designs-I've found myself recommitted, reinspired and ready to REALLY tackle putting my business out there. Tomorrow I'll do an official goals post for my business and personal life, but suffice to say-2010 is the year that Mika goes out of her comfort zone!

Are you glad 2009 is over? Looking forward to 2010? Tell me about it!

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