Monday, May 25, 2009

The economy meets the Lily Pad

So sorry for the absence, both of you who read here missed me very much I'm sure! Our household (aka The Lily Pad) was recently hit by the economy..Bobby (my husband) was laid off from his job. We've been in planning mode since then..making sure that our ducks are in a line in the case of a lengthy lay-off.

It's a very hard thing to face, you never think it's going to be YOUR job that is eliminated-even temporarily. But it's happening, everywhere, to people from all walks of life. I know my husband is getting very discouraged, we're going on a month since the lay-off and he's put out well over 100 resumes and applications all over the country with so far, 2 interviews. He's a CNC Machinist, so it's a skilled position and it's an industry that's been very hard hit in this economy from what I understand.

BUT! Regardless, God doesn't close a door without opening a window, so we're looking forward anxiously awaiting what He has in store for our lives. I'm using the extra time hubby is around to try and spend more time in my sewing room. I'm starting to work on drafting my own patterns for some of my designs. I have no formal pattern drafting knowledge, and have only been sewing for a couple of years so I've been doing lots of research. Most of my drafting knowledge comes from making changes to existing patterns-sizing them down or up depending on my current need, changing some shaping, etc. I'm very excited though, and hopefully will have some things to show you soon!

The dress at the top is one of my modifications..I took the Miss Madeline from Samantha over at The Handmade Dress (LOVE her patterns!) and sized it down to a 3-6 month for a customer order. I couldn't resist making one for Gennah as well! Now I just need to make some bloomers to go with it!

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twoluvcats said...

ooh Gennah is getting so big :-D

Pretty dress mama!