Monday, April 20, 2009

Craft Show Countdown Day 2

I think I'm doing my countdown wrong, I'm actually counting UP! Oops! Well either way, it's coming!!! Currently I'm waffling between being in control and flipping my lid that I'll never be prepared!

My best piece of advice for the day is this..BREATHE. I sat down and made a list of every item I would like to finish for the show (realizing all the while that much of it won't get done, it's a very ambitious list)-pattern/item, how many per size, etc. I also started a list of things that I definitely don't want to forget to take. There are the obvious things like change and inventory, but I also want to remember to take things like a tape measure.

I'm working on a custom order form to take as well. So many of my items need to be custom, or are a better fit that way, I decided that being set up to take those orders was probably a good idea. Another thing I'm trying to decide on is credit card acceptance. I think in today's world, NOT taking credit cards would essentially be like shooting myself in the foot, so I'm researching options. I will have my husband's laptop there with me, so I'll be choosing between Propay and Paypal, anyone have any suggestions for me?

And just because who likes a post without pictures? Just a little sneak peek at one of the outfits I'm working on!

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